How Does It Work

Here are the simple steps required to launch your whistleblowing service


Create your Reporting Service

Activating your service on the Code Red Platform involves creating and customising your initial incident report questions. Steps are:

  1. Upload your company logo.
  2. Create your initial report questions. These can be textfields, textboxes, multiple select options, or dates.
  3. Configure your Case Managers that will receive access to the platform in order to manage incidents.
  4. Activate the shared or dedicated hotline number.

Advertise your Anonymous Service

Once your service has been created, you will be provided with a unique URL that you will be able to distribute internally to your staff. If you have opted to use the additional voice hotline, the number to use will be provided.

You will also be provided with a dedicated QR Code that your staff can use to direct them to your own Mobile incident reporting site simply by scanning the QR Code with their smartphone camera.

Advertisments of the Mobile address, Web address, and Hotline number usually take place in the form of printed notices in common areas, internal staff email communication, or via a bulk SMS notification.


Interact with your Anonymous Service

When an incident needs to be anonymously reported, the whistleblower will make use of one of the channels provisioned above.

Via Desktop or mobile device

The whistleblower will be directed to the customised incident reporting page via the dedicated URL, or the mobile QR Code. Here they will be able to complete the initial questions, upload any files of interest, and leave their contact details if they do not wish to remain anonymous. Once completed, they will be provided with a unique reference number which can be used to check the progress of their initial report, or get further questions from the case manager.

Via Dedicated or shared callcenter operator

The 24 hour callcenter number can be used at any time to log an incident. If it is a dedicated number, the call will be answered in the company's name, otherwise it will be answered as a generic Code Red hotline whereby the whistleblower will have to specify the company in question. They will then be asked the questions as specified in the configuration stage, and once completed, will receive the unique reference number that can be used later to either add to, or check an incidents status. Because of the multichannel nature of the platform, they can then proceed to the Web or Mobile portal to continue to interact, or to upload additional media like files, Word Documents, images etc.