Frequently Asked Questions

Whistle-Blower Related Questions

  • Code Red does not capture any identifiable information from the caller or the web or mobile user, be it Call Line ID (CLI) or IP Address. That is why in order to follow up on the status of a report, or to provide further information, the caller needs to initiate the communication as Code Red has no means as to contact the report creator.

  • Do not give out any of your details either online or when speaking to an operator – the system is setup so as NOT to require your details and still operate optimally. Although the link is encrypted, we advise you to not make use of your work internet or phone line when interacting with Code Red. Further to that, you can download and use the Tor Browser (, either on your phone, or desktop, which provides for absolute anonymous web browsing.

  • It depends on your preference. Both platforms are setup to achieve the same purpose and, in the background, populate the same database. You can initially report via call centre and follow up online or vice versa. Both platforms are totally anonymous so reporting on either platform will have the same effect.

  • Bullying; fraud; theft; gender discrimination; racial prejudice; sexual harassment

  • Most definitely but in order to upload these photos or documents one has to work online. The 24/7 call centre is only able to assist with regards to voice reporting but one can initially report via the call centre, receive the unique reference then login via internet and upload the necessary files.

Company Related Questions

  • A shared hotline means the number we issue you with for your staff to call in is shared with other companies. Procedure is if you call the number, we answer as Code Red anonymous whistleblowing hotline service and process the call against the company name you provide. A dedicated hotline means the number we issue you with to give out to your staff is for your use only. As such when someone dials that number, we answer in your company name and process the call accordingly.

  • Online the incident Log is continuously updated with events being submitted or replied to by the case manager. The status tab will advise you to where the process is.

  • This process is all driven via a unique reference number which is provided to the whistleblower upon their first report submission. They may then use this unique reference number to query the status of their submission, or to submit any further information or files, either via the web or mobile portal, or via the 24/7 callcenter.

  • Yes, data on Code Red's domain is encrypted using the latest high-speed elliptic curve cryptography library called Libsodium. Communication with the Code Red Platform is also encrypted via AES 256 SSL.