Code Red Platform Features

The Code Red Platform brings together a number of customisable aspects which provide an all encompassing solution with multiple user features for ease of use. In addition to this, user identity is protected and corporate reputational risk is minimised.

Customisable incident reporting page

When initially setting up, the company using the service can create their own specific unique questions that must be populated by the incident reporter. A retailer may for example require specific questions around stock & theft whereas a labour-intensive business may want more around staff harassment, bullying, fraud and theft, as well as gender discrimination.

Desktop or mobile device

Excluding the assistance provided by the 24/7/365 call centre operator, the service allows for incident reporting via mobile and web channels.

Dedicated or shared anonymous hotline

In addition to the service functioning via Web and Mobile, a 24/7/365 call center hotline is available with two service offerings. Code Red either provides a dedicated number to the client with the call being answered directly in the client’s name; or as a shared number where the caller is required to specify the company name that they would like to report on.

Supporting Document Upload

When using web or mobi-web in order to report an event, part of the reporting process, if necessary, is to upload any pictures, files or videos that will assist in building a case. Code Red accepts these in most formats.

Case Manager Assistance

A case manager will be assigned to your company to consult on compliance requirements, assist with formulating your reporting strategy, and provide the necessary training and operations support of the Code Red solution.

24/7 Support

Code Red has a 24 hour call center with the ability to provide any necessary support.