Code Red is a Multi-Channel Whistleblowing Platform

Code Red is the most rigorous, advanced and cost-effective 24 hour whistle blowing platform in South Africa. This unique service provides secure and anonymous incident reporting for small, medium and large companies.

Outsourced Anonymous Solution

All whistleblowing communication is anonymously received and processed on behalf of the client


The platform provides whistleblowing submission via a custom web portal, mobile reporting, and/or 24 hour dedicated callcenter

Easy to Customize

The platform is customisable to cater to each company’s unique requirements

Two way communication

An important aspect to building a case requires further secure and anonymous whistleblower communication

Corporate Governance

Code Red is designed in accordance with the King IV code on corporate governance which encourages ethical business leadership and organizational culture. It lives alongside the King IV guidelines and guarantees the absolute anonymity of the whistle blower, who in turn can feel safe from any retribution or bias during the process. Code Red protects potential reputational damage and encourages high ethical standards within the organization, ensuring compliance and sustainable governance.

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